Racquet Technology

Power Beam

The Power Beam at 2 and 10 o'clock giving the racquet more weight to increase the speed and power. 4 to 8 o'clock Power Beam weight provides maximum stability, precision and speed.

Micro Flex System

Giving racquet 20% more flexibility in speed and Power.


Premium Graphite

Lightweight maneuverability for ultimate power.

Nano Technology

Nano technology provides lighter, stronger and faster speed.

Titanium Zytex

The Titanium Zytex material provides extra strength & stability.

Titanium Mesh

Titanium Mesh racquets resist the enormous twisting forces generated at impact and their mass is ideally advanced for more face stability and faster head speed.

Muscle Wave

Muscle Wave frame provides outstanding frame stability for launching high power and consistent playability.

Power Flex System

Power Flex System provides flexibility maximum accumulated for ultimum power realized.


Square Head

Square Head is designed to increase sweet-spot for more consistent repulsion power and sensitive control.

Hot Melt System

This Hot Melt System technology is an advanced manufacturing technique, in which the racquet is vacuum around by a special core material to enhance strength throughout the frame and stiffness for improvement of durability and playability.